Susanna Hintikainen visited Friend’s house

Susanna Hintikainen from Finland, Goodwill Ambassador.

I just returned yesterday from the Friends’ House in Piski. What a strong print this overnight visit left in my heart! Having known Mirjam and Boas for 3 years and having seen so many pictures of the kids and this house and having heard the stories of these kids, it was truly amazing to meet them in person. This little village reached via a road taking us through the perished sunflower fields is a unique environment that Mirjam and Boas have created, not only the material side of having renovated this house to become a home, but most of all the atmosphere of love and caring that is so touchable in that place.

These kids are so blessed being taken care of my them. And fighting for the children’s rights in these unbelievable situations they have been facing these last few months. Big hugs to all of you, the little ones and the bigger ones, boys and girls, and thank you so much for everything, for having given me the chance to get to know you in your everyday life.

Susanna Hintikainen


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