Now we got them, birth certificates for the three boys. It took nearly 6 years, now we have them. We are grateful to God and we also are so thankful for the authorities in Kyiv, who helped us.


Many of our readers like the children from Friends House have summer holidays. We will update the blog once a week on Wednesday.

Tanya M. can go to summer camp, what the state is paying for. She has the status of an orphan child, and therefore through the trade school Tanya has kind of privilege compared to many other children.

Vitja is in the same school, but he does not have the position as an orphan. Vitya’s parents do not care about their son, even to the extent that they would come to the meetings with the authorities.

The practice period is over in the trade school and Vitya will join in the summer camp together with our children. The
The camp is organized for the program every day, enough to hustle …

We wish you, wonderful summertime!


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