Faceless statistic

Who saves one life, saves the entire world! (Talmud – Mishnah, Sanhedrin 4:5)

I wrote few days ago 10 facts about  the orphans in Ukraine. I repeat the statistic here.
10 facts about orphan children in Ukraine

  1. 8 milj.80.000 children in Ukraine
  2. 198 000 orphans or children taken into custody
  3. 1/3 of the children available for adoption
  4. 9178 orphans or children taken into custody are in foster care or family homes
  5. 63.000 of the orphans or children taken into custody have guardian. The guardianship is the most popular for to place a child in Ukraine.
  6. 616 orphans adopted in Ukraine in 2011
  7. 350 orphans adopted abroad in 2011
  8. 2091 orphans och children without parental care have got guardians in 2011.
  9. 29o a children are placed in foster care families or in family homes in the Ukraine in 2011
  10. Other children in state orphanages and institutions.

This statistic applies to the Ukrainian Ministry for children and young people’s website.

Statistic gray columns, figures and names. Regulations, laws,degrees… and in our everyday’s hurries we forget that behind every line , every figure , we can find a living human being – one life.

If there would be just one name? Wouldn’t this one life be worth doing all the possible and impossible?

“For less than a cup of coffee and cake, YOU can give food for one child today!”

With love to God and to the children

Mirjam Adolphi

You might like to read about the new Ukrainian Adoption Statistics on Hospitality in Kiev site


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  1. there were comments earlier regarding an organization in Turnipol Ukraine….
    wonder if you are aware of such an organization….Urkaine Family…
    devoted to assisting those Urkaine Orphans whose parents have died
    the children are living with extended family….grandparents…

    thanks much…

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