When the tuff gets going!

Viktor our faithful worker  called and said, that he will come later.

He had to make a visit at the local hospital.’

Next call was from another faithful staffmember, Nadea.

The frontwheel on her bicycle broak down, so  she falled and broke some ribs.

We expected her offcourse to be home to recover, but NO!

Later on the the day they both came to work.

Nadea with a bit of paine in her ribs, and I said maybe you should be home and rest.

Noway she answered, there are work to do!

Viktor came with a nose that has grown from medium size to Extra large.

He had been judge at a local footballgame in a village, and one ohe hulligans from that village, didnt like the result,

of the footballgame, so he walk to Viktor and punced in his face.

We thank God for these faithful workers, who despite the curcom stances do everything

to do their work, helping the children in Friends House


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