10 facts about orphan children in Ukraine

The current situation in Ukraine

  • 8 milj.80.000 children in Ukraine
  • 198 000 orphans or children taken into custody
  • 1/3 of the children available for adoption
  • 9178 orphans or children taken into custody are in foster care or family homes
  • 63.000 of the orphans or children taken into custody have guardian. The guardianship is the most popular for to place a child in Ukraine.
  • 616 orphans adopted in Ukraine in 2011
  • 350 orphans adopted abroad in 2011
  • 2091 orphans och children without parental care have got guardians in 2011.
  • 29o a children are placed in foster care families or in family homes in the Ukraine in 2011
  • Other children in state orphanages and institutions.
  • What these numbers tell you?
    This statistic applies to the Ukrainian Ministry for children and young people’s website.

    Miriam Adolphi
    With the love of God and the children


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