A leaflet have been Sasha’s most valued treasure. A friend gave the leaflet to him and promised that Sasha could go to football camp together with his elderly brother Igor who got this as his birthday gift. Also Vova could go together with them.

Leaflet, Milan Junior camp in Kyiv

Sasha has the leaflet with him all the time. When he eats, he takes the leaflet and looks at it. When he plays and he even sleeps the leaflet on his hands.

“The Milan Junior Camps include a staff of highly qualified coaches, directly selected by the AC Milan Youth Sector, all coaches fulfill the requirements indicated from FIGC, the Italian Football Federation, to teach soccer to the youth.” (a sentence from the leaflet)

Now it has come. The day he have been waiting for so long time. The day when the football camp starts it has come.

Vova, Igor and Sasha received this special gift from a friend. Yesterday the camp started. Sasha was sitting in the bus and I saw the leaflet on his seat.
The boys are writing a diary about the camp, so we maybe can read more about it…

Mirjam Adolphi

With love to God and the children


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