Haver diary 16.06.2011
The children from Friends House tried this “hanging sport”, already for few weeks ago.
The school is organizing a summer camp and today  all the children will  come to Friends House today. This is a a day trip for the other children from village. Victor is going to build this “rope road”,(I have no idea what it could be in English?) It will be built together with the children, and afterward all the children get to try out. The day ends with the competition,which includes many fun things to do.On the evening the children from Friends House are going to participate in photo shooting. Children are going to make many different roles. We are producing a book, calendar, leaflet, brochure and completely new blog.

What are you doing today? I wish you a very good day.

Mirjam Adolphi

With love of God and the children


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  1. His eyes reflect such a bright happy light, very moving.

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