It’s holiday in Ukraine.  most of the people are on countryside and working on their “datchas”. Growing up vegetables in Ukraine is not a hobby but one of the musts of life.  Most of the people in Uraine have their own garden or have parents or other relatives living in country side an of course everybody need to help. You want potatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes …. you work for it.   All our neighbors keep animals:  pigs, cows, birds … you name it.   Children are often asking: “Why don’t we have animals”? it’s simple to answer: “We are not allowed”.

In Friend’s house we have a little garden. We have no time and possibilities to take care of bigger garden., that’s why we buy vegetables from local people. That’s also a good way to help to local people.

Our neighbors on visit.

For any new visitors welcome.

Here are some older posts you might find interesting and helpful to find some more about us.

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With love to God and the children


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