Let’s call him Sergey. He is homeless and been in different hospitals for about 2 years. Now he is in our village hospital. He doesn’t know who he is, where he is and nobody knows who he is. When I ask how old he is?
-The answer comes
-11 years.

Here in Ukraine, not all hospital have food to serve. That’s the case in our village hospital.  Sergey is living on what the staff and other people will bring him to eat.  People from the village are also bringing him some clothes.

We have a visitor from England, Stuart.
I try to think how it is to be in that situation, but I can’t. I have the wealth, I have a home, I’m healthy. This guy, he has nothing. His fingers are gone, his feets were frozen, is damaged and his mind is gone.

There is nothing I can do. I can’t give give him his feets, fingers and mind back.

What can I do? I can just care.

Thank you Stuart for giving some money for his food. 

OK, he thinks that he is 11 years, so Children’s Embassy will care about “this child”. We”ll bring him food and clothes.
We ask you to pray for him together with us. Children from Friend’s House heard the story and the oldest children want to help “Sergey”.  They will regularly visit the hospital.

Would you like to help him.  There are maybe men  in Kyiv, in his  size? He needs clothes and food. It’s summer, he has winter clothes, this is the only clothes he has now.

With love to God and to children


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