I have made some pictures now for the project Children without childhood. My goal is breaking the wall of indifference. I need your help. Please comment. Let me know what you feel when you see these pictures. Please do not be polite. I want your honest opinions and feelings.

This is an another way making a difference in a child’s life. Your honest comments helps me to speak with the voice people hear.

What feelings does this picture raise in you?


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  1. Seiing the girl crying just hearts. It’s awful and sad, but real. Cannot look at it longer than a few seconds because I start to wonder what could have happened to this little girl.
    So in a strange way the photo is great.

    • Your comment is so important for me. Yes it;s difficult to see and actually it need to be seen in context. Our team is now putting a book together, a slideshow and making a completely new blog and website. Once more thank you for your comment.

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