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My name is Anna Peterson and I am a 22 year old girl  from Gothenbug. During my past visits in Ukraine, I had the opportunity to visit Friend’s House , and I am sure there will be more visits to come. It is a place which stays in your heart and where one longs to return. Unfortunately I can not stay my whole life in Piski. Chemistry studies and coffee breaks fill my weekdays here in Sweden. In Friend’s House the days were full of soccer, playing with the little ones and studying Russian.

The time spent in Ukraine has left some marks in my everyday life here in Swaden, too. My friends and family have naturally heard about my experience from “The Kaverikoti”. Some people even have been affected by my stories.My mother, who works in the Sahlgrenska Hospital, organized a plastic bottle recycling program. Monies received from it will be sent to Kaverihome.

I visited my mother’s workplace recently. I showed photos, told about the children and my work with them. Several listeners  were touched by the stories and had many questions afterward.

A couple of days later my mother told that quite a few had visited Kaverikoti’s home page and that they felt very sympathetic towards the Children’s Embassy organization. Many also wanted to become godparents to the children.

What a feeling it is to have a yearning to help and to be able to make a mark in this worthwhile Home!

 Ordinary day

Instead of just a windy ordinary day
one longs for the windy ordinary day in Piski
to have a conversation with God while half asleep
to have a morning prayer with children who thank God for the visitors.
To exchange the walk around Hjarlanda tjar
for an early morning walk with Masha and Nastja.
Spent less time in front of the mirror wondering whether I would be approved

but to give more time for hugging Vova and affirm that he is approved.
So that a day would not be filled only with classes and lectures

but it could be used for drawing, jumping rope and helping Oksana in the kitchen.

Swapping the evening in front of TV

for laughing, story telling and Skip-bo playing in the childrens’ room.
Instead visiting the Facebook one more time before retiring for the night
to end the day by singing a lullaby to Olga and cover her tenderly for the night

Other kind of life. Other kind of world. Other kind of matters which are important and noteworthy.

So near yet so far.

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