The seven-minute interview was 30 minutes. Only two minutes it was the music, all the rest of the time there was talk. 

I talked about the children and what kind of life there in the street it is. About the dream what every child  has, is to have a father or mother and a home. I told about the children’s background, about  their  parents, why children can’t stay at home.

The interview went quickly, although I was prepared only for seven minutes. Of course I told about Molly – the dog, how hte dog can help the children and how she can sing, although her ​​age now is high and Molly does not sing as she use to sing.

In the picture: Masha, Radio Emanuel. She interviewed me very professionally.

Children from Friend’s house had gathered around the radio at home and listened carefully. I knew that the children are listening and I had to carefully think about them so I wouldn’t offend anyone of them, becuase it could be anyone of them I s was speaking about.

One of the boys did not quite understand this radio thing. He says to Boas:

“Miriam is in radio, how is it possible?”

I was told that Molly reacted when she heard me use her name. Molly’s ears stack right up when I spoke in radio, she was tilting her head and tried to listen what I was talking about.

I hope at least someone of the listeners would like to get involved in some way, to become a part of a child’s life, to make a difference.


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