Birthday cake baking is an honor, and the children are waiting for the homemade cake. This time I made two strawberry cakes which the brothers Roman, and Sasha decorated. I heard the njam, njam – the cake was very good.

We held a nice party, Igor is a hero of the day …but

Mom did not ring, and wished a happy birthday.

Igor waited anxiously throughout the day, but the phone call did not come. This is repeated in many children’s life who live in Friend’s House.  We have a different birthday celebration. It’s a  joy over the birthday and the shame – that mother does not care and sorrow…

In Ukraine the birthdays means a lot even for adults. If somebody of your nearest ones  forgets to congratulate –  oh no  that’s not good.

You can just imagine what does it mean for a child.

We had a nice birthday celebration which ended with water war.


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