Where is your long curly hair now?

I noticed that especially boys hairs  have grown far too long.
We decided to go for a haircut at the same time on Sunday when we go to church meeting in Kiev. 

Boas saw Sasha’s tousle hair, and told the children of his youth,the time when he was a musician.

Then he too had long hair. He played at  Olle Erixon Orchestra. 1987they took part in the dance orchestra contest on TV, which they won. They prepared carefully, trained and  ordered  white costumes. Boas also got a perm on his hair.

Vanja listened attentively and everybody laughed when he seriously asked:

“Where is your long curly                                                                      hair now, where have you lost it?”

At this very moment, we have tuff time at the negotiations in order to get birth certificates for  three of the boys: Igor, Sasha and Roman.  Currently, we have reached an impasse, only a miracle can not solve the situation.

We put our trust in God. Father has everything in advance DESIGNED, not even  a single human hair to fall if God did not allow it.


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