What’s on, in Piski

A short summary of this week.

Dentists, powercuts and papers.

The powercuts, has off course been a disturbing thing, for Friends House this week.

Preparing food has not been so easy.

Mirjam had to pack the computer, and go to Kiev, in order to be able to work with all the paperwork.

There they had power.!(&^(*(

Dentists and toathake!

Maria has still a lot of problems with here teeth. She had to spend five,,, hours in the clinic!

The dentist Irina did a grate  job, as always.

On the same day also our Sveta had her  teeth fixed. Her faithful sponsor in Sweden pays for her.

Next patient in another clinic, at Dentist Dima, was our Roma. He had a lot of pain , but Dima helped him out of this. Two of Romas first teeth had to be taken out.  New will come ,,,


Dima was practising his talant with a drill, when he voluntered to help the repair

in Friends House.  Here taking down the tiles.

We had a good laugh, when we heard he was a Dentist, and a good one, Roma says!

Missing teeth! ………….

A funny picture of our boys in first class,  Kolja, Jura and Vanja


The Director for the Child authoroties in our region asked for documentation on all children

who have lived in Friends House, the period 2005 to 2011.

How the children came to us, and where they are now.

Glad to say we could give a very good report, with 92 pages!!

42 children who earlier lived  in Friends House, have now new homes and parents.

Some could return home, other to relatives,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Have a nice weekend

Plus 14 C

Spring, why hesitate ?

We are waiting for you!

Text and photo





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