From been a begger to beeing loved

Today’s challenge on  the photo Thursday’s – is IDEA.

From this I got an idea to tell you, who may not know, how we started.

The idea to help the children came, when we saw wild dogs took care of street children.

This was a heart breaking scene and  a taugth came in our minds:

Do these dogs care more for these children, than we people  do?

The wild dogs kept the children warm, they were their mattress and quilt, and the only one who cared.

It touched our hearts. We got two dogs, a Labrador – Ammi and a French bulldog Molli. Together with many of you and our two dogs we have helped many children.

The dogs in the picture is not wild dogs, but faithful servants wen they were little.

A home in the box!

Friend’s house

The children’s shelter, is run by voluntary donations of people from: Sweden, Finland, Ukraine and others  …

Right now

  • 12 children living in Friends House
  • 42 children over the years has found new homes or to return to their parents or to relatives.
  • Whenever a new sponsor join in, a child gets  a chance to be helped.
  • Under age Mother with babies

Challenge to you:

To help a child from been a begger to beeing loved!

Do you ant to join the caring team? …
please contact  Mirjam


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