19-20.02.2011 Thank you Kyiv, Lions Club for volunteering at Friend’s House 19.02.2011  We started with coffee


Thank you Marjon for organizing this project.


Wait … until you  see the result.




20.02.2011 Ready to serve,  Kyiv Lions club and other volunteers.

It’s like on TV.  First we need to pack all the things.  Here it goes very quickly.

Taking  down the bed, and  now  we cant  start

This should be orange?

Look it’s yellow ….

After  the second painting … orange! Exactly as the boys  wanted to have their room.

Guess what color?

“If you  just knew, how good this feels to do this!”

… and this is why evebody are working so hard.

The children, to make a difference for their situation.

Thank you!


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