We had  volunteers from Kyiv Lions Club on 12.02.2011 to renovate the children’s rooms.

We are  very grateful to you all. It was  a good  time  together.

Thanks  Pedro.  You  are  so clever and  know  so much, what and how  to do it.

These two, Sasha and Marjon had a  nice  time  together

Thank You  Jana  for your soft heart, hard work and  smiles.

Dima the  quiet hero, who worked so hard the whole  day taking down the tiles. Hope  your hands are not too shaky.

The  tiles  were  fitted with very thick  layer of cement, hard  work even for  a dentist.  We  joked  with him:

This is  a good  practice  for  a  dentist

We need  more  help.  Welcome  next  Saturday.


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