Corruption and bureaucracy

These two words, unfortunately, are the reality in Ukraine.
Perhaps you remember the fundraising last summer for Oksana’s operation. We thank everyone who participated and wish to tell you that enough was raised to meet our goal. Thank you again.

Most of you, as well as myself, believed all was in order; the operation had been paid for by the insurance company and all Oksana had to do was to go in the hospital and have the operation…. but things are not that simple in Ukraine.

The summer was too hot, thus the operation was postponed. Various risks involved with the operation were brought up – the point being that more money was wanted than what was previously agreed upon.

Oksana did spend a week in hospital where various tests were taken, including a test for cancer. Time went by. We waited and waited for the results. In time the results came , proved all was in order and Oksana could be operated. But this waiting had taken too long and all the test would have had to be retaken (for an additional fee).

Once more we had to fight with the insurance company to get the medical care we had already paid for.

Finally we receive  the information that  Oksana may go to the hospital on Monday and receive the operation  without any additional fees.

Shame on her who gives up.  



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