Overwhelming love

Larissa is an Ukrainian bussiness lady.  She owns a tourist accompany Ide tours. She loves God and the children in “Friend’s house”.  Larissa organized a trip for children in Kiev and then a holiday to the Carpathians.

The bus trip from Piski to Kiev takes about 2 hours, although the journey is only about 80 km. After a bus ride it tastes good  with warm chocolate and a pie.

Yes it is very exiting … they have never before seen the ballet. We are going to see The Nutcracker.

Oksana is here with the children. We needed to watch over  for the smallest kids that  they wouldn’t fell over from balcony.  They were so exited about the watch the musicians and the orchestra conductor.  Children loved the ballet, but most of all they loved the live music.

Business is business and ballet is ballet

I have never before been visited in a theater which was found Podil. Corridors of the theater was the market that sold clothing, shoes, cosmetics, and …  There were more people at the coridor market than the theater itself.  Premises really used.

After the ballet we  walked and explore the big Kyiv.  Of course, the boys found this car, and all had to be taking picture with the car.

Thank you Larissa for the lovely day and the  Carpathian trip.  The  children are  returning back to Piski on Monday morning.


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