Happy New Year 2011

Photo: Suart Holden

Thank you for your love for us. – Olga J 9 years

I wish that you get a lot of luck in the coming year! – Igor 13 years

A big thank you for your help to us, and thank you for being there. – Roman 11 years

A kind thank you for your love and care for us. – Tanja J 14 years

Thank you for sharing – to us. We all love you very much. – Olga G 11 years

Thanks for all your gifts. Kolya 8 years

I wish you much snow, snowmen, snow ride and very good luck of course. – Vanja 6 years

Thanks for that, we had food and what we needed. I love you. – Sasha 11 years

Happy New Year! I wish you health, and I wish you well in your families. Thank you for helping us. – Vitja 15 years

I would also like to wish you a Happy New Year, celebrate it with joy. Thanks to the existence of ‘Friends’ House’. – Vova 13 years

I wish you good times, when you celebrate the New Year.

With a set table, dancing, singing and festivity. – Maria 16 years

I wish that next year brings happiness and peace. – Tanya M 16 years

Boas and Mirjam wish you God’s richest blessings!


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