Do your best to God!

Yesterday we had inspections, all at the same time. The public prosecutor and the health inspector. We were ,threatened that the gas office will close the gas and we learned that use of electricity has a limit. The Director of Friend’s house was hospitalized. She was on the verge of a heart attack.

Public prosecutor and the health inspector were satisfied with what thee saw and realized, that children are living in good conditions. Probably the inspectors were possibly expecting worse conditions. roomers, roomers …

We will continue the fight against the constructions of ideas in our minds .

2 Cor 10:3-5.

At the same time …

came an inspector from the gas office,

-“Gas shall not be used where there are children!”, was his reply. Law is the law!

-We went immediately to negotiate about using night electricity, which is about 3 times cheaper than electricity used during the daytime.

-Yet this is not possible, because the village, Piski, does not have a strong enough power supply. They proposed us to purchase an electricity transformer. That costs just a little fortune. .

-At this stage, we felt quite bad. We are not allowed to use gas and no electricity. Winter is soon here!

– Again we went to the gas office. ..

– We got the permission to continue to use gas, but the gas heater pump should be removed from the house to another building .

Again, the question really was question of taking care of the mind. There is an old saying.

“If you oil the car, it runs better.”
”We didn’t oil! “ I promised them lot of publicity and a press conference if they cut the gas off and leave the kids freezing, just before winter.

Throughout this battle, we gained Almighty God’s instruction, advice and assistance. The team is now even more united.
Common thoughts after our experience:

If we do this work for God, then why do we so much more when we have these inspections?!

We should always do a good job.

Maybe this is an useful experience for you also?!


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