Have no time … have no time

Today 19.11

Seems  to be a razzle day.

Older girls are in school today Miss Autumn competition. Until late night  we were  still doing costumes.

Oksana will be out of work for at least 2 months. In the summer the weather was too hot to cut Oksana and now it is high time to go. Monday Oksana goes to the hospital for surgery. We will have a  21 year old chef during that time.

Public prosecutor – A la Ukraine
Valentina is a way to  public prosecutor. ..  It sounds awful, but it is a routine inspection. All charitable organizations, which have children’s homes or rehabilitation centers are subject to such check.
Ljuda, our lawyer have prepared all the letters, lists … it took least half of the night. Of course we didn’t get any notice before … but this  is the life in Ukraine.


Time  to stop and  pray.
Viktor P.  negoates with authorities about: Electrical, heating, etc. kindergarten should open its doors about two weeks, but nothing practical issues have not yet been negotiated.

We are cleaning the  house


Fortunately shabbath begins and may remove all the razzle.



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