We are all very proud of our Roma10 years, who won the contest of reading poems on  on a regional  level. He had  been training  very much for this and  now he got  the reward – first price.

We are also proud of our football team “Friends” with coach Viktor Pavlovich. They won the title “The  best football team in Chernigiv region.” This fall we  started  a football program which has become  very popular in the village and  there is no lack of players. Now Mirjam doesn’t need to be a goal keeper anymore.

But  Molly  doesn’t give her  place to anyone.

Speakingtour in Finland

3.11.2010 is our last  speaking engagement in Turku. After  that  we are planning to return to Ukraine.





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  1. Рома!!!! Поздравляю!!!! Ты молодчина!!!!
    И вы все ребята- молодцы!!!! так держать!

  2. Heja Roma och GRATTIS, och Heja Molly, Utan att vara elak så tror jag att du är en mycket bättre målis än Matte. Kram till er alla

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