Fall has arrived

Fall has arrived with all the beautiful autumn colors. Children are already accustomed to the rhythm of school and waiting for the autumn holiday which begins 23 October.

This weekend was a market where each village presented their village,  the traditions of the village and many dishes. Piski village had chosen it’s subject to show the tradition of an engagement party. Tanja J, and Ruslan both from  Friends House were the  actors at the party .

Our football stadion is in frequently used. Also three times a week, Viktor P. has a  training course for the children in the village.

On Saturdays there are about 20 children practicing  art in Friends house Art Studio.

Monday 27.09 Ruslan moved to a new home together with his sister Masha. Masha 11 years old. has lived all her life in different institutions. We are happy  for  Ruslan  that  he  is  now  living  together  with his  sister,  but  of course, we  miss him  very much.

Boas and Mirjam’s  speaking tour in Sweden will continue until October 9th.

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