Something is missing

Ammi, our Labrador’s death has affected all our lives. Something is missing.  Molli, our French bulldog is crying and looking for his friend. Yesterday evening, Molly was quiet, and we understood that she has been trying loudly tell us that Ammi wasn’t feeling good.   We didn’t hear, we didn’t  understand.

Nadja and Viktor have now returned from holiday and the  everyday life is returning to Friend’s House.

Now we preparing for the school start. From Friend’s house there are 11 children goes on 1 of  September toPiski village school.  Kolya and Vanja starts in first class.

Tanya and Vitya starts in a professional school in Kyiv.

The children are now  making  lists of  all the things  they need: backpacks, shoes, school clothes, notebooks, pencils, rulers of school books, sports suits, sports shoes …


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