Sasha in hospital

Sasha was rushed to the hospital in Yalta at three o’clock at night time. He has infected appendicitis . Right now he is in surgery room.

I’m ready to travel to Yalta if needed. Viktor stayed at hospital overnight, but he has 20 more children to take care of.  Sergeyij is in charge of our group.  In the summer camp there are also other leaders, who takes care of the program, but all other time our leaders  take  care of the children.

In Ukrainian hospitals it’s usually the mother or some family member takes care of the child when he wakes up and they stay there during the hospital stay. They have to buy drugs, needles,, etc. .. also they need  to arrange the food for the child.

Other children enjoy summer camp here today.

Keep us in your prayers

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  1. Nej men fy vad trakigt. Hoppas att allt kommer att ga bra. Ber for Sasha.
    Vara barn ar ocksa pa lager men annu sa lange sa ar allt ok, och vi ber att det ska forbli sa.

    sander massor med kramar till sasha och er alla.
    Agneta o barnen i Novy Dom

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