The dogs  were  in tears, everybody were so busy, the  children forgot  to say goodbye to the  dogs.

Bags packed many times …are  everybody here,   the food, drinks,  pharmacy bag  …  Both dogs were  crying  when the  bus  left Friend’s House in Piski. The bus took  the children escorted by traffic police to Kiev. Here, the buses may not transport children without a police escort. The trip  continues with  train. From Kyiv  to Simpferopol,  takes  about  1,5 days.

I just received a phone call from the Crimea, from children’s camp. The train arrived early morning in Simferopol. The night was quiet, even though all children didn’t sleep, they kept talking. Children ate breakfast on the train.

Children already had time to go for a swim, now they are at lunch and after that they already have access to their rooms.

Suitcase atmosphere

Written by Roman 10 years

Now it is only one night left before leaving for summer camp. We look forward to holiday on black sea,, happiness and new experiences. We would like to collect seashells, swim in the sea. Last year we saw the dolphins there, it was fabulous, maybe we can see them also this year? Last year, we visited  the Tivoli, we ate sweets …
Now this story ends and a new story starts …
In the summer camp we will have different teams, we are sailors, under water swimming  and we will make animated films.
Thank you to all of you who helped us and we can go to summercamp.



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