Reflexions a hot summerday.

Yes , it is so hot!  We’ve had  32-40 C  in the  shade for about three weeks .

 Even The Mosquito Have Given Up in the Heat , They Have fled the field . However , They Have Been replaced by the bad flies.

 And they Can They certainly bite . Gosh & % # !

In my study , it is a bit cooler , Slava bogo .

A  knock on the door , who is it  ?

It is Kolja, asking  if he can borrow my little guitar , a mandolin . ” I want to play a little bit, ” he says .

You Can Take this little ukulele , I say . Ina happy mood , he goes off to his room , with the fine instrument.

 It Has a beautiful blueberry blue pouch .   After an hour , he Returned with the ukulele , in his beautiful blueberry blue pouch .

“Spasiba ( thanks ) Boaz , he says “,  when he hands over it , and a smile spreads across his face . “Bye “,he says , and walk away proud and happy, that he was ‘entrusted to take the ukulele to his room .  The Ukelele was probably not the most important .

 The most important thing was that he was given the trust, and that i belevied in him.  He felt accepted.

Seeing this boy, Kolja, who  came to us several years ago. Afraid ,  Never Experienced love , Been Left Alone for long periods , , , ,

For What He Is Today is a miracle . For me it is a great mercy , to be part of all this .

 With much Gratitude To The Heavenly Father for His faithfulness ! Amen !

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