A volunteers diary ” Time to say goodbye”

It’s crazy. The three weeks I’ve been here have just rushed by. Long days filled with playing ….. and bathing, just like a summer holiday is supposed to be. The kids have been so welcoming, inviting me to join their games, fishing trips, dog walks and much more. Roma, 10 years old, has been my personal manicurist during my time here. This far he has done my nails three times. He is remarkably good at it. He is scrupulous, has lots of patience  and he is a real artist with a lot of ideas of new nail designs. I’ll make sure he does them one more time before I go back to Sweden so I can bribe around with them at home.

Olga G is the singing bird of the orphanage and she has now learned the whole song ”Clap your hands when you’re happy” in Swedish. Besides that a couple of other Swedish  songs with movements  and the other day I taught her how to dance Schottis, a Swedish national dance. One two three JUMP! One two three JUMP! One JUMP two JUMP three JUMP four JUMP!

Vova and I have been playing a lot of volleyball and some soccer. That is although the fact that I have a total lack of talent with balls. It’s lucky that he has enough for both of us. He is also a good mechanic, working with the bicycles. Modifying the wheels and chains, and showing great  ingenuity . One day some old waste bins had become new bicycle baskets. I’m not sure though if he ever has time to actually ride his bike while it spends the most of its time upside down with one or both wheels gone.

This is really a good home and I wish that many of the Ukrainian orphans could live in homes like this. Instead of the unpersonal big institutions this place contains nearness,  love and space for the kids to be their own personalities, not just one amongst all. There also is a living faith and the kids learn to trust not only human strength but also Gods goodness. That is something everybody would need!

I want to THANK Mirjam and Boas for letting me share your everyday life here. Thanks to the staffs who do their best for the kids’ sake and to the kids for making this a great time. Thank you!


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