Thiefs and Cops, continue

The children where playing their game , Thiefs and Cops

I am out in the garden fixing things, when I suddenly hear laughter from the boys,  except from Kolja who is crying.

I went to check whats happend.  Kolja had been chasing the crooks with his temporary bike, who has a frontwheel from an old trolly.  It is made of plastic material.  So when he made a quick turn the wheel had enough, it fell apart.

It looked quit funny, thats why the boys where laughin.  Kolja had no injuries

He left the bike on the ground walked away angry over his failiure as a Police.

Dont worry we all said.  We will fix your real bike.

So we did and now officer Kolja is smiling again.

And now all bandidts!!.  Wach out , he will catch you

Report by    Inspector  Boas


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