Thiefs and cops

After morning-doings

The youths are waking up about 6 AM in the morning. They are preparing their own breakfast and getting ready for the day. 7.45 it is morningprayer for everyone. At 8 o’clock the youths start their workingday, which last for the coming four hours. They still have many things to learn. What are the right clothes for work, socks on in the kitchen, caps on, what cleaning agent to use where.

The “in-betweens”, age 12-13 wake up at 7 AM and take the dogs for a walk and also waters our garden. It is also their task to put out garden- chairs and tables outside. It is not the easiest way that we have to take them in and out every day but we can not leave them outside during the night.

Efter prayer the youngest children and our inbetweens spends half an hour playing on the yard. Then breakfast and the duties of the day starts of.

Earlier we had never seen kids as ours,  who could not play
Today whe have never seen children playing with such joy as ours

We rejoice watching the joy the children have in their playing. Yesterday they played “Thiefs and cops”. Little Kolja came up to Boas and said:

” I do not want to play the cop”

”Why is that?” Boas said

”With this bike I can never catch the thieves, if I only had my own i would catch them” answered Kolja

Koljas bike is right now being repaired. Meanwhile the older boys have made him a bike from the “leftover” bicycle-parts. They even found a wheel from an old carriage and used for the bike. The wheel is a bit broken, but that is no problem.

Olga is screaming with joy from the corridor “Rusik, Vova and Igor have made me my own bike!”

The interest in bikes is really big right now. We are only missing one wheel, and even Roma would have his own bike. It is a great joy to see their innovative ways af working and their solutions.

Earlier playing was no part of their lives. At that time different things were in the focus  – surival, where to get food, where to find a secure and warm place to sleep…

A big THANK YOU to all of you who have given the possibility of these games. I hope that the joy of playing will be contagious. Right now when I am writing the kids are playing hide and seek with Anna. I think I want to be part of this….


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