Grande Premie’re

At last the the movie ” Ruslan ” finally been released and this happened in the location of  ” Friends House” , Piski  Ukraine .

 We rigged up video projector and the screen. All the audiense where treated with popcorn and coke. it was a really great cinematic

experience a la Friends House ! After the film wich lasted 15 minutes, all the children gathered around me, asking for copies of the film . Perhaps most a symbolic gift , but hopefully also a memory for life .

For anyone who dont know, this is a film about the boy Ruslan, who lived in Friends House 4 years ago. It is astrong life history among many others. We started this filmproject, with the children about 1,5 year ago. The children did very well both in front and behind the camera. The leading role ( Ruslan), is played admirable, by  Rome Abrashin .

It is great to be here again ! ( even though we lost our second  football game today , the Ukraine – Sweden 5-4 , after penalties … in 35 degree heat … )

Author. Carlos


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