Tanja’s Finland diary

I was tired, I woke up in the past seven o’clock in the morning, but I went back to sleep. Nine o’clock  Elina woke me for breakfast. We talked and went to the pharmacy.  Then  we  went  to a  shop. On our way to home we went to the hospital where Elina is at work. It was so beautiful and Elina’s office was also beautiful.
We came home and we bought pizza. After that I was resting.

Then  we  went  for  walk, Unto, Elina, and I. We  went  to a beaujtiful park. It was really beautiful and nice place. I can imagine that you  could spend  there a long time. After the park we went to the lake and we came home again.

Tanja’s pictures of Finland

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  1. Dear Tanja,

    I hope you really enjoy your visit in Finland, it is a wonderful country. The nature, it is clean and people is friendly.

    So enjoy

    Love Agneta in Reni Ukraine

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