Anna’s diary, from Piski.

My name is Anna , i am 22 years old,  and comes from Kungälv  Sweden. I currently have the great privilege to spend three weeks at Friends’ House here in Piski . I was here two years ago and it is so exciting to see all the changes , how children are grown and all conversions and also see the enduring , the good atmosphere and love for God and for each other .

What happens on an ordinary summer day at Friends’ House ? Well I will tell you . The day begins with morning prayer for everybody, at eight o clock. Then there is breakfast usually consisting of porridge , tea and sandwiches . The rest of the day is a mix of  everything from watercolor painting , fishing ( the boys got up a few little fishes that we had for dinner the next day,delishes ! ) and throw the Frisbee to jump twist , paint your nails and go for a walk with the dogs . The older children have ” summerjob ” in this home , they work in the kitchen , painting , etc. Even the younger ones have their chores and help with cleaning , washing and cooking . The dinner is usually served at two o clock, and after is the quiet hour. Everybody stay in their rooms . A beautiful time for a nap or a little time with God . Then ,it all starts  again . Football , bicycle repairs, and games ,a lot of fun , and of course a swim in the phenomenal pool,  before supper . Good food needed after a day of so many activities. After supper ther is still time to watch TV, paint, or ride a bike, ,,,,

Then it is time for the evening teatime.

At nine it is time to go to bed, and it is a good opurtunity to get many nice goodnight hugs from the children.

When I lie in bed, and think back of the day . Jogging with Masha in the morning ( we got up at six o’clock ! ) . All the hugs and kisses I got from Kolya . All the time Olya has put into trying to understand what I mean, in my stumbling attempts to speak Russian . All the water Vova splashed on me from the pool . Ruslan’s attempts to get me to understand how to make that jump with the bike . That I had the pleasure to sing bedtime songs to Olya , put the blanket over her and give her a goodnight kiss .  That is grace !

Anna is studying Dinosaurs , along with Roma


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