Oksana need your help!

Oksana needs money for surgery

A short biography of her.

Oksana is a 40 year old chef, in Friends house. She doesn’t have a home of her own, so she and her children, lives in Friends House.

Oksana was born in western Ukraine. From age  7-10 she lived in the  Russian Far East, and from age 10-15 , she lived

in North Archangelsk, in the north of Russia. After that period she moved back to Ukraine.

Oksana’s childhood was filled with poverty and alcoholproblems among the parents.

Her role in Fiends House is not only making good food, but also due to her background, she understands how our children feel, who have been through difficult things in their homes.  She is also like a mother and comforter for all of them. She has the compassion.

Nastya,17, her eldest daughter is studying in Kiev, to be a nurse.

Nastja is also a talent artist. Here is one exampel.
All children are skilful cartoonists, and love singing.

The middle daughter Olga,10, loves to write poems and play theater.

The school is encouraging her in this.

Vanja, 6 is the youngest, and he starts school next autum.

We appreciate this place. It is fillede with war must be good here. It is warm, we eat, it is suihlut, is homey and beautiful. This is me and my children a home.I love cooking. God has given me this love. I would like to learn how to do things right. I think it is nice when the children come to the kitchen to help and learn. Together we discuss and learn new recipes.

Friend’s HouseHere in Friends house i have  learned many new things, diet, cleanliness and, above all,to make healthy food.

Oksana needs surgery

She had difficult when she gave birth to her children.  Everytime they where delivered  by Caesarean section.

Now  comes the aftermath.

Oksana needs to do a gynecologic surgery.

If she wait to long it can develop to a malignat tumour.

The cost for the surgery, including MRI, Medicines, bandages etc.   is 800 Euro, or 970 USD

In Ukraine you need to bring everything yourself to the hospital.  Medicine, bandage, food,etc

She does not have the means for it, and we do not have the money in our budget.

Will you help us to help Oksana.



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