Welcome back Oksana

Welcome back Oksana Hello friends. You think of course we have frozen inside this Piski, because we have not posted in a while. Well winter still has its grip here, but now we think it is enough. Where Is Spring? Good news is that our dear friend and chef, has returned to everyone’s delight. Oksana lives now in Friends’ House, and for children it is a security, when we are not in place. She is like a mother to all children. All children are happy and lively, very special course for Oksana’s return. I never been in the hospital all my life, got into an inguinal hernia. The operation was carried out in Kiev. The hospital was perhaps not the most modern, but the surgeon’s hands did a very good job. I feel great. Write again soon Greetings from all of us in the Friends’ House Boaz


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