To the workplace what ever it takes!!!

We have been without electricity and phone connections.  Telephones and mobile phones have not worked. We have powercuts several  times a day.  We have  very much  snow.  A lot of  trees  has  fallen  due to the  snow  storm.

Road  to  Piski, where our  children’s home is  situated is  closed.   Viktor P. arrived, however, to work.

“I walked in the snow, what  reached up to the knee.  When  the  snow  already  reached my hips, and  I could’t move  my legs.  I wanted  to  turn  back,  but taught  that  I already gone 9 kilometers, and  it  was  so little  left (about  400 meters).  So I  crawled the  rest of  the  way to the Friend’s House.  “

We had to give the order that our staff may not be crawl to work, especially if it is 20 degrees below zero, which is now waiting for.

Valentina, Valera, Sveta and young Valerija were  resqued  from  Piski just  before  the  snow  storm before  New Year  eve.

We are all well. Neighboring villages are without electricity and many are freezing.

The fallen trees  are a problem for  the  teams who  repair the power lines.

Even  the  tractors who clear the road are caught up in the snow.

Thank you all for the past year and good for the continuation of 2010.

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  1. Actuallu even in Sweden! Minus 15 in the day and 20 at night, day in and out. Very unusual for this part of the country. However warm and roads working. Most powerlins now berrief Bellow ground due to trees falling etc in previous winters. Waterpipes have frozen though. Thinking of you in the cold over there! Spring, where art though…

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