Let it snow, let it snow.

Snow in Finland and snow in Ukraine. The picture is taken in Finland, Helsinki – Kauppatori.

Snow, snow four days and it’s still snowing. Frost and snow keep its grip on Ukraine. Over the weekend, 12 people died of cold. The biggest problem is cleaning roads. “What’s  that ,” – would the Ukrainian ask. Cleaning the roads does not funtion. They are salting and plowing at night, but when the snow is coming all the time, so it does not help. South of the Ukraine has declared an emergency situation.
There is lots of  work with snow  and snow shovels are worth gold. Showel prices rose astounding. Elderly people  living in their small homes are covered by snow. Of course there is no need to  mention that ambulances do not go, and not bread and milk transport .
The road to Piski is  blocked. Our staff working in Children’s Home – Friend’s House are walking 10 kilometers to work in freezing temperatures. I stopped for a while typing this, and took a  deep breath. If I had a hat now so I would lift it now for them.

There is so much work with the snow, our elderly boys  Ruslan  and  Vitja has taken it as their task to make the path to our home.

Both Tanjas received special mention of the craft and working skills in municipal school competition. Igor was the best at the municipal level in Ukraine language. (Igor does not even have a birth certificate, that he is not eligible for school)
Valentina, our local Director – Tanja M tries to arrange the documents in order in Ukraine’s snowy bureaucracy  jungle. After her mother died we will  have the official custody.
Thank you to everyone who heard our call to help when we had the accident with the transformator ! ( We still need money for that we have received 1200 and lack about 800 USD.)  Now, the electricity is working. Well not quite always, after all – the whole village has electricity black-outs due to snow

All the children are healthy and doing well. They enjoy the snow together with the Labrador , Ami. Molly- the French bulldog  doesn’t want to go out so much in this snow weather.


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