Hello Friends

A short greeting from us here in “Friends House” at Christmas time. Here in Piski is the snowstorms and minus 20 degrees. I know there have been so at home in Sweden and in Europe too, but the difference is that here, the roads are not cleared that quickly. They can be snowed in for several days. We thank God for our loyal staff who defies the weather conditions.  Nadja living 10 km of us walked to her job at Friends’ House, because the road was not passable by car. Sometimes Viktor living in the same village came on skies to work. You can really talk about faithfulness and loyalty. All the kids feel good and wait for the New Year which is a big festival in Ukraine, when Father Frost comes with gifts.


A transformer in our house caught fire and caused a short circuit. Vitja 14 years saved the situation from developing into a disaster, with its hesitant response. He ran quickly and disconnected the power with the main switch in our power center. However, there was a strong smoke and Valera who work with us was not feeling so good because he was in the middle of it all, in order to save the children away from the amount of smoke It was of course not a nice CHRISTMAS GIFT, since we have to repair part of the house after the transformer fire.

It could have ended much worse, but thanks to wise intervention, and God’s protection it all ended good, in the circumstances.

Estimated cost to replace electrical wiring, transformer, 2 new circulation pumps plus the labor cost is about 2.000 Euro ( 2.400 USD)

Want to help us restore the Friends’ House?

 Make your contribution to our bank account in Sweden; Children’s Embassy/ Barnens Ambassad Account Nr ( IBAN) SE 69 9500 0099 6026 0415 3987

BIC-Code ( SWIFT-address) NDEASESS

Bank, NORDEA Sweden

(within Sweden Plusgiro 415 398-7)

We wish you a Blessed Weekend

 Boas & Mirjam and all the children


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