Swineflu in our region!

The school in our village, where suppossed to open on Monday, but there have been a dramatic change.

The quaranteen continius, and the school will be closed fore the time beeing.

This due to a man from our region, 35 years old, who died yesterday,  after beeing sick in the Swineflue



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  1. Hi Laurine
    Thank you for your concern
    Well it is much activity in and around the house, but they are also doing som homework
    whitch they got from school, so it’s ok.

    We want to by new bedlinnen, quilts etc for all children before the cold period.
    The heatingsystem needs some repair, before the cold period

    For this we need money, approx. 1500 Euro

    All the best to you


    • Hi Boas,

      I will see if I can do anything.
      Keep you posted.

      How is the kitchen coming along? If you have some pictures, could you send them to me, i am really curious!

      All the best!


  2. Hi Boas and Mirjam, How sad to hear the schools will remain closed in Piski.
    I wish there was anything i could do to help you!
    How are you and Mirjam doing under these circumstances? Can you keep the kids from going crazy around the house 🙂

    All the best,


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