Happy birthday Olga

We celebrate Olga 8 years.

The schools are still closed because of the swine flu quarantine.

In Friend’s House we are playing and training to find something positive in everything,  even in the small things.

“I would  like to be more secure in my self.” – Sasha 10

” I would like to, not only  to have dreams and goals , but also make them real in my life.” Tanja M 15

Message: “Mother is dead.”

Tanja M is now orphan. Valentina (our local director) together with Tanja are visiting many different authorities. Tanja will be included in so called ” orphans bank” – it ‘s  a register of all orphans in Ukraine. She will get a pension as an orphan and we will be her legal guardians.

It’s  hard times for her, please keep her in your prayers.

Mirjam Adolphi

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  1. Hi There Olga! Happy Birthday! -Scott

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