We got a message from Ukraine.

We are ok. We miss you. Winter is coming,  we digged the flowers onions from the ground and put them in save  for the winter. We also took care of the seeds. Ammi and Molli got bath before cold is coming. Tanya and Roma are doing very well in school.


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  1. Hi Boas and Mirjam,

    I saw on twitter that you are making a film?
    what is it about? (i tried to translate the blog, but that doesn’t really work 🙂

    Everything ok over there? read the schools are closed because of the mexican flue. Here people are stressing about it too, but no schools or public places have been closed yet!

    Hope you are well,


    • Hi Laurine,

      I will try to translate the page, and update this English site. Everything is ok. Now we need to have our own school in home for three weeks.

      People are panicking.about the swine flue! Nearly everybody are having masks. No public events are allowed.

    • Hi Laurine

      Hope everything is well with you in Holland

      Check out our childrensembassy blogg, its all there about the film

      In Ukraine over 1 million people sick in the swine flue, and 600 have died.

      So far we have not been hit by the flue, Thank God

      Much love


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