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It has been a  joy to see how the  children are  taking  care of their garden. “How is garden?”- is the  first  question what  we get  when we call to them in their summer camp in Crimea.


Jana 6 years

There are no leftovers …. What to eat has been a daily question. Where to get  food? It  takes time to getting  use to have food every day.  The eyes can eat much more that  their little stomachs.

Starving in their homes

Jana and Aljosha were locked in their house by their mother who was out looking for more vodka. She was gone for two weeks. The children were left alone without food or any care. They were eating potatoes skins.  Jana found a way out from the house. She begged  for food for her and her little brother. That’s how they survived.  When they came to Friend’s House, they were marked by long time of hunger and cold.  Jana was so little -she was light as a feather,  she had been taking care of her little brother more than her self. At that time Aljosha was 1,5 year old  and she was 3 years old.

They lived in Friend’s House for three years and  have  people  who supports  them.  Thanks to the support they are now living in a family near to us.  The new  mother loves these two lovely children very much.


This is Aljosha

From our heart we want to thank all supporters who has passion & love for children in Friend’ House and wants to make a difference for them.


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  1. Very touching! Precious children! May the Lord bless all your efforts to help these children. Blessings to you!

  2. Lovely site! Lovely children! I bless you in the Name of Jesus!
    What you are doing for the children, you are doing for the Lord Jesus Christ, Who takes it very personally. He is your exceeding great Reward, and He shall bless you abundantly!
    I praise the Lord for your heart!
    Dear Sister, did you write the text? Your English is wonderful. May I offer to help correct the grammar a bit? I would be honored to do so.
    Blessings to you, and blessings again!

  3. Precious children!:) Praise God for Children Embassy ministry that takes time to bring this children from the streets and give them a place they can call home and feel the love and care that they so deserved and longing for!


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